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Process Automation of a construction company

Process Automation of a construction company

Our client, a construction and production company, owing 450 diverse equipment, needed to optimize strategic resource planning, as well as to establish operational control and project management. Our team developed the appropriate modules and integrated them with the project management system, accounting programs, and telemetry devices. Besides, an analytics system was created for planning the purchase of new equipment and the hiring of personnel, the cost-effectiveness, and interchangeability of equipment, etc. At the end of the day, the company gained benefits such as the lack of delivery delays, more even occurring loading of equipment and personnel, reduced need to hire third-party equipment, more precise, justified, and focused long-term planning on the economic effect.

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Mobile application for a X Bank

We have built a mobile application for a bank to make business transitions online, providing full identification of a client. The app is built in a way to request both technical and manual integration while making certain bank deals. Various languages and services were used such as Java, Camuda BPM, Bank API, also, payment getaway systems. Working on the Jira platform with Kanban methodology and according to the T&M scheme, our team managed to develop an application that was published in January 2021 and updated in February, available for Android users. The app allows the customers to go through the KYC procedure in full. Currently, the organization gives loans of up to $10,000 with a high level of approval for up to 12 months. The latter distinguishes the company from most of its competitors and enables them to expand its distribution channels.

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We are a big company full of highly enthusiastic people engaged in software development. Our team consists of hard-working, innovative, and qualified specialists – software engineers, UX/UI designers, IOS developers, Android developers, etc. We accept any challenges in agile software development and end up overcoming them with honor. G’solution family is always there for every new opportunity of making the Tech Industry better. With the help of our highly responsible team members, full of tech flow and alternatives to the hardened procedures in the world of technologies, our company improves the efficiency of internal processes and saves time. Nothing can stop us when we are on the go.






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