G'solution is one big family of highly qualified professionals who always do their job competently to make quality products and help businesses improve their processes.

About us

We are a big Moscow-based company. which consists of more than 30 highly qualified specialists who have professional expertise in the field of IT. Our large family includes only professionals who are ready to take on very difficult tasks and successfully complete them. Our family includes project managers, project owners, system analysts, senior blockchain developers, front-end and back-end developers, ios and android developers, architects, and designers.

With the help of these specialists, our company every year launches 4-16 projects with different budgets, helping businesses to generate new income, improve the efficiency of internal processes and save time.


To ensure an efficient workflow, we strictly adhere to all Aguile guidelines. Depending on the project, we use the Scrum or Kanban methodology, and very often we analyze and refine our internal processes.


We develop Blockchain solutions,Decentralized Systems,as well as Smart Contracts using the most popular engines and algorithms. #p2p #libp2p #nats.io #btcd #eth #cryptocurrency #solana #erc20 #erc721 #nft #defi

IOS & Android

We develop mobile applications based on both android and ios. We are only developing native applications in languages Swift for IOS and Kotlin for Android, since all universal solutions often lead to problems related to performance, security and bandwidth. #IOS #Android #Kotlin #Swift


Web application development is one of the most popular areas in the IT field. In our portfolio you can find very interesting and complex web projects based on the most popular frameworks and libraries. #Laravel #VueJs #Java #Spring #ReactJs #AngularJs #PHP #Node


We are proud of the developed Saas services, which often have either a microservice or decentralized architecture. #microservices #p2p #golang #nats.io #databases #saga #rabbitmq #grafana #elk #mysql #mongodb #aws #unixSystems

Our Works

#1 Sanuscoin is a BTC based colored coin, that allows users to generate new actives using SANUSCOIN-SDK. Our #Go and #Blockchain developers in a very short time implemented a full-fledged SDK for working with the bitoin network and with other external services.
#2 0chain is a huge decentralized platform that includes 0Store (A fast storage platform with private sharing), 0Box (A personal cloud, anonymous sharing), 0Wallet (Air gapped wallet. Stake, earn safely) Our #Go and #Blockchain developers help our client to optmize already existing project, and add new features related to smart contracts, p2p sharing, and decentralized file storages.
#3 Dantser provides services for the implementation of software for smart homes. Our #System, #Go and #PHP Developers help our client to develop some complex parts in this product, as well as optimize already exising modules such as CCTV, Mail, Cloud Storage and etc.
#4 Indimania is a very popular online/offline restaurant in Moscow. Our developers have developed a service for online ordering. Our #UX/UI designers and #Laravel developers have developed a platform that has become one of the most famous online restaurants in our city.


We will start working on your IT project in 24 hours :)

- We can advise if you have an idea
- We can validate your idea and prepare technical documentation
- We can estimate your project and prepare CJM,USM
- We can help you fix errors and optimize your project


Preobrajenskaya 9, 351, Moscow Russia